Dhyana's Personal Experience

"Diet and nutrition have interested me for over 30 years. My three children have always been involved in sports and I wanted them to be healthy and strong.

I began exploring natural remedies when I started having headaches regularly. I got tired of taking many pain pills each day which didn't solve my problem.

Today, I understand clearly that headaches can be caused from a variety of different sources among which could be blood sugar imbalance, hormonal fluctuations, stress and tension, food allergies, liver toxicity, faulty digestion, colon blockages, and any number of other root causes. Different remedies will be indicated based on the cause. Iridology is a keen way of determining possible causes, so I pursued that study.

Ultimately, Love will be the force that heals the planet and all its inhabitants. Herbs and Natural Remedies, EFT, Grief Recovery and Healing Touch all help to produce a quieter being, a being more capable of attuning to Love's frequency.

I always look forward to my chats with people who want to explore natural healing options. Feel free to call me any time for guidance to a healthier lifestyle using herbs and other holistic alternatives.

Love & Health,


Expertise in the Holistic Health Field

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