Holistic Health Care for your Pet(s)

Your pet deserves THE BEST! That's why we offer HERBS FOR PETS! Pets, as well as people, thrive on Herbs. Why not treat your pets NATURALLY!

Pets are often beset with ailments that need attention. Let's give them the most natural remedies available! We offer Nature's Sunshine Products because they have proven to be the purest and most potent herbs on the market today. And...we get the results we need and want!

These products are safe for your pet and you will be pleased with your pet's response to herbal remedies. Find the right product for the problem, click on the NSP logo, on the Home Page and order what you need. Give it a try! Your pet will thank you!

Chinese Anti-Gas Formula
Relieves gas, bloating, indigestion, sluggishness, obesity, poor circulation.
Encourages healthy coats, helps maintain sound bones; hair/skin/nail nutrition.
ALJ Liquid
Supports respiratory system; also helps people allergic to cats.
Joint Support
Promotes agility, relieves joint stiffness and pain.
Black Walnut Extract
Kills and expels worms and parasites; clears fungal infections.
Liquid Chlorophyll
A few drops in the drinking water will keep breath fresh; purifies blood; oxygenates cells.
CBG Extract
For ear infections, 2-3x daily until problem clears up.
Liquid Noni Juice
For joint pain, arthritis, hip dysplasia discomfort. A general tonic.
Soothes kidney/bladder, inflammation, incontinence, painful urination.
Liver Cleanse Formula
For hepatitis, gallstones, liver.
Homeopathic Distress Remedy
One dropperful under the tongue balances emotions in minutes. Good for people in distress too!
For kidney stones, urine leakage, urinary tract infections.
For eye infections, cataracts, glaucoma, improving vision.
Pau D'arco
For tumors, polyps, pain, fungus, warts, weakened immune system.
Echinacea/Golden Seal Liquid
For infections, cysts, tumors, immune system.
Bulk Slippery Elm
Diarrhea, smooth inflamed mucous membranes.
Hawthorn Berries Extract
Feeds heart; a must with foamy drool.
Stress J Liquid
Calms nerves, relaxes stomach.
Herbal CA
Strengthens structural system; helps broken bones knit.
Tea Tree Oil
Antifungal; added to bath water regularly to kill fleas, fungus, acne.
Herbal Trace Minerals
Full of trace minerals for shiny coat.
VS-C Liquid
Use at first sign of cold or runny nose; fights viruses.
Yellow Dock
For ear mites; make into tea and swab in ear.

Dhyana offers Therapeutic Touch for dogs and other pets, and finds it soothing to relax your pet, relieve pain, and accelerate wound healing.

Dhyana also offers suggestions to owners about how to lovingly train and feed their pets...naturally.

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