Healing Touch

Open your Energy Centers to the Healing Powers of the Universe.

Healing Touch Session. Healing Touch Session.

1 hour Healing Touch Session/$55.
Long-distance healing touch is also effective / $55 for 1-hour session.

Healing touch is derived from the ancient "Laying On Of Hands."

Sessions last approximately 1-hour and the subject remains fully clothed. Healing Touch is an energy-based therapy which will:

  · Create deep-level relaxation.
  · Relieve tension and stress in the body.
  · Clear the mind and soothe the spirit.
  · Accelerate wound healing.
  · Relieve both physical and emotional pain.
  · Clear the energy field of obstructions thereby facilitating healing.
  · Restores balance and harmony to the human energy system.

The sequence of techniques offered are:

  ·1 - 2 Full body Chakra Connection Sessions
      ·Opens Chakras and balances the energy field to the body
      ·1 or more Chelation treatments clear and balance 4 levels of the energy field.
  ·1 or more Magnetic Unruffling Sessions
      ·Clearing resistant trauma and debris out of the energy field.
  ·1 or more Emotional Stress Release Sessions
      ·Focusing on a specific issue for resolve, balance and emotional cleansing.

Please call or email Dhyana to set an appointment: 720-234-3770 / dhyana@theopenrose.com.

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