Herbs and Herbal Combinations

Herbs heal and rebuild tissue. Herbs support and strengthen body systems and organs allowing healing to take place from the inside out. Each herb has an action in the body, whether to stimulate, soothe, lubricate, etc...

I offer Nature's Sunshine Herbs exclusively. Why? The herbal industry is, as yet, unregulated. With the explosion of natural alternatives, companies are often forced to keep up with demand--sometimes compromising purity and potency. Nature's Sunshine is the oldest Herb company in the world, and we herbalists know we can trust their quality. With Nature's Sunshine Products I'm assured my clients are using the purest and most potent herbs available.

Herb Recommendations are available by Phone:

Phone Consultation up to 1/2 hour $25; up to 1 hour $40

Systems Specific Support
Digestive Weight Management
Intestinal Allergies
Circulatory Men's Specific Concerns
Nervous Women's Specific Concerns

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