Dhyana's Expertise in the Holistic Health Field

In addition to the Certifications listed below, Dhyana has often offered Herbal, Iridology and Muscle Testing classes to up-and-coming Holistic Healers.

Master of Holistic Healing
Graduated with Highest Honors from the Tree of Light Institute. Proficiency includes the following areas:
· Nutritional Herbology
· Traditional Western and Chinese Constitutional Analysis
· Body systems muscle testing
· Constitutional Iridology
· Glandular Body Typing
· Attitudinal Healing
· Health Consulting
Dhyana teaches Herb and Iridology classes regularly. She also offers one-on-one training for a home business offering Iridology and Herbs. Please call 720-234-3770 for more information.

Iridology / Herbology Certificate of Completion
· 1992-1997, mentored with Master Herbalist/Iridologist, Lawanda Stauffer

Certified Herbalist
· by Dr. James Jenks.

Certified in the Following Healing Touch Techniques:
· Therapeutic Touch.
· Advanced Therapeutic Touch.
· Level II A Healing Touch.
· Level II B Healing Touch.
· Level III A Healing Touch.
· Healing Imagery: Body, Mind & Spirit.
· Holistic Nursing.
· Advanced Energy Techniques.

EFT Practitioner since 2006

Contemplative Meditation / Consciousness Training
· 40+ year student of Lamb-Lion Institute.

Demonstrated Healing Touch to Grade School Classes
· Taught Thereapeutic Touch to Grade School Children at Stevens Elementary School.
· Children are especially receptive to energy work.

Volunteer, Project Angel Heart
· Provided Healing Touch treatments for AIDS patients.
· Volunteered Healing Touch treatments for terminally ill cancer patients.
· Taught Healing Touch Classes.

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