The Healing Power of Energetic Tools

Numerous clients have experienced magical results from using the Black Tip Energetic Wand to relieve pain and heal any number of ailments. Please visit and explore the Energetic Tools available. I've received many amazing testimonies from those who have used the energetic pendants and bracelets as well. Talk about a gift that never needs to be replaced!

Personally, I was introduced to the Classic Wand while visiting a friend. I had what felt like a giant cold sore coming up on my lip. My friend's aunt had given her a Classic Wand and she told me it would likely make the cold sore smaller if not disappear since it was just beginning to grow. She wanded the cold sore for only minutes three different times, about 15 minutes apart. GONE!!! I was sold, purchased my own Classic Wand, and eventually took the distributorship so I could offer Energetic Tools to clients at a discount. The Black Tip Wand is 30x more powerful than the Classic but both work!

Call Dhyana 720-234-3770, and she will email you 8 months of documented testimonial results from clients having purchased and used the wand. After 8 months, she quit documenting as there were so many.

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